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Special photo sessions for head shots, portfolios and comp cards are available for both experienced and aspiring models. Shoot, photo selection, layout & printing available.

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A model portfolio should be diverse enough to give a model the opportunity to present his or her portfolio for many different types of modeling jobs. Some the photos which should be included in a complete portfolio are: head shot, bust shot, lifestyle, swimsuit, fashion, beauty, glamour and athletic. Again, this is all according to the type of modeling you would aspire to. Talk to your photographer at length while setting up your photo session to be sure "your" categories are covered. Also, discuss how many shots, photo editing, and the cost for your portfolio up front so there are no surprises after your shoot. Ron will discuss all of this with every model, well ahead of any type of photo shoot.

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Fashion & Fitness

Head Shots

Head shot(s) are a key part of any complete modeling portfolio so when you present or post for any type of modeling job. They should see you're personality and beauty up close. Head shots should be attractive, perfectly lighted photo(s) of you showing full face or some prefer from shoulders up. A good head shot will capture your personality through facial expression. Again, a trained head shot photographer is necessary to get the shots you need to present to an agency or company looking to hire quality models.

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Modeling Test Shoots & Important Information

We've been doing modeling test shoots for over 15 years. A few things every aspiring model should know before going to any type of model photo session.


One: Any type of test shoot should be FREE to you, unless you request printed copies of the photos from the shoot for yourself. It's common for you to get some your digital photos on disc, thumbdrive or DropBox link, right after your shoot is completed. (Be sure to discuss this with your photographer before shooting)


Two: Be sure to ask your photographer if you retain full rights to your photos, and you can do with them as you please. (with the acceptions of using them for any type of advertising or offering them for sale.)

Also, ask if your photographer is going to use your photos for any type of advertising other than his or her own website or print materials to promote his or her photography services..

It's common these photos are used for the photographers portfolio and promotions, however, the photographer should not not sell your photos or use your photos for direct profit in any way.


Three: Know what type of modeling you're truly interested in before shooting. (This has everything to do with the type of photos your photographer "should" be taking. Wherer your photographer should suggest what type of photos would be great for you to test shoot...THIS IS ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE...NOT THE PHOTOGRAPHERS!


Four: Always, always bring someone with you, preferably a friend or family member to your photo shoot. Especially when working with a photographer for the first time. There should be no acceptions to this rule!

(Read More About Preparing For Your Photo Shoot)


Below are just few examples of first test model photos.

Do you have what it takes to model?

Modeling isn't for everyone for sure. It takes hard work and the drive and  desire to succeed in a tough business to break through. You'll never know until you try it. But... the first step is to get in front of the camera and a photographer with a trained eye. You should  experience what a model needs to do to photograph well enough to promote products.

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We will go out of way to ensure you understand exactly what you need to do to test shoot with us or any other photographer. Be sure to give us a call or drop us an email to find out more information before you shoot with any photographer!

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PCS ProModel from Spring to Fall will hold approximately 2 open shoots per month. Call or email us for information about these sessions and ask about PCS ProModel

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Ron Pasquale is a frequently requested and lead photographer for PCS ProModel in New Jersey. PCS ProModel specializes in model photo shoot publicity materials and model training. PCS ProModel will work with both experienced and aspiring models looking to update or create complete new portfolio and/or comp card.

You can reach Ron at either 848-448-3855 (Pasquale Photo) OR

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Ron Pasquale is a photographer based in New Jersey, offering both commercial and personal photography services

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