I started capturing images with a borrowed Minolta 35mm film camera of my Mom's for shoot and dark room assignments back in high school.  I must say,  I miss the dark room and watching a photo appear through solution trays, but certainly don't miss handling chemicals and the wait involved in seeing the results of my shooting time.

Well, after years of taking thousands of casual landscape shots, family photos, and mostly anything else interesting in front of my lens,  I started my graphic design business and ran smack dab into digital photography and Adobe Photoshop. Enter endless photo editing, enhancement and special effects! Incredible as this software was...it was only the beginning of what I could create moving from film to digital equipment.


Many cameras, lenses and computers later, I armed myself with the equipment needed and turned my focus toward professional head shots, portraiture and a wide range of commercial product and fashion photography projects for retail advertising placed both in every type of print ad and numberous websites.


Whether I'm photographing for personal use or commercial promotion, I'll shoot until I capture exactly what every client envisioned, or until I know I've exceeded their expectations.  I realize a single photo can have a great and lasting effect on people and can also greatly impact any promotional effort for business.

Ron Pasquale, Photographer

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Ron Pasquale is a photographer based in Ocean County, NJ. offering

both commercial and personal photography services specializing in portraiture,

fashion/modeling, product, location & event photography.

Availability and rates upon request.

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